IntEx Valuation GmbH offers you the following services:

Essentially, we value all types of property, irrespective of size, especially:

The reasons for real estate valuation are diverse. Common reasons for valuation are, amongst others:

Financing: As part of property funding, the financing bank requires a regular market and mortgage value report, in some cases even before the loan allocation.

Purchase or Sale: a funded report offers you a good basis for decisions and assists you in price negotiations.

Asset disputes: In the case of inheritance, gifting or also a separation, a clear valuation of assets is required.

Tax Purposes: For example as a basis for the assessment of inheritance tax or capital transfer tax, the preparation of a balance sheet, the tax depreciation or the takeover of company assets into private assets and vice versa.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate are properties that serve entirely or predominantly for commercial purposes. Included in this are the classic commercial properties such as office buildings, workshops or shops and shopping centres. Hotels, retirement homes, logistic real estate and practices are also commercial properties. Furthermore, the category of commercial real estate also includes specialised properties whose use is orientated towards

particular users. Examples of these are, amongst others, hospitals, theme parks, sports facilities, car lots and petrol stations. Since the financial return is in the focus in this category of real estate, they are regularly valued according to income approach.

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Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate are properties that are predominantly used for living purposes. Included in this are owner-occupied properties, detached houses, semi-detached houses, apartment buildings or entire residential complexes. Residential properties where own use is in the priority are valued according to the sales comparison approach or the cost approach.

Residential properties for which the focus is on securing a return on investment through rental, are valued according to income approach.

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Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate are properties whose purpose is focused on manufacturing. This includes manufacturing buildings, but also industrial facilities like for example chemical plants or factories. This often involves corporate properties, which provide the structural shell for the processes of the company.

Industrial properties are generally valued according to the income approach or the cost approach.

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